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Morning Bells; Or, Waking Thoughts for Little OnesHavergal, Frances Ridley, 1836-1879en2004-03-01
The White MorningAtherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948en2004-09-18
In the Morning of TimeRoberts, Charles George Douglas, Sir, 1860-1943en2009-05-24
A Morning's Walk from London to KewPhillips, Richard, 1767-1840en2010-02-11
Night and Morning, CompleteLytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron, 1803-1873en2004-11-27
On Christmas Day in the MorningRichmond, Grace S. (Grace Smith), 1866-1959enRelyea, C. M. (Charles Mark), 1863-1932 [Illustrator]2006-12-26
The Wings of the MorningTracy, Louis, 1863-1928en2005-02-06
A Life's MorningGissing, George, 1857-1903en2003-08-01
The Poetical Works of John MiltonMilton, John, 1608-1674enPREFACE by the Rev. H. C. Beeching, M. A. THE STATIONER TO THE READER. MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. ON THE MORNING OF CHRISTS NATIVITY. / Compos'd 1629. The Hymn. THE PASSION. On Time. UPON THE CIRCUMCISION. AT A SOLEMN MUSICK. AN EPITAPH ON THE MARCHIONESS OF WINCHESTER. SONG ON MAY MORNING. ON SHAKESPEAR. 1630. ANOTHER ON THE SAME. L'ALLEGRO. IL PENSEROSO. SONNETS. ARCADES. LYCIDAS. A MASK PRESENTED At LUDLOW-Castle, 1634. &c. POEMS ADDED IN THE 1673 EDITION. SONNETS. On the new forcers of Conscience under the Long PARLIAMENT. ON THE LORD GEN. FAIRFAX AT THE SEIGE OF COLCHESTER. TO SR HENRY VANE THE YOUNGER. TO MR. CYRIACK SKINNER UPON HIS BLINDNESS. COLLECTION OF PASSAGES TRANSLATED IN THE PROSE WRITINGS. [From Of Reformation in England, 1641.] [From Reason of Church Government, 1641.] [From Apology for Smectymnuus, 1642.] [From Areopagitica, 1644.] [From Tetrachordon, 1645.] [From The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, 1649.] [From History of Britain, 1670.] PARADISE LOST. PARADISE REGAIN'D. SAMSON AGONISTES The ARGUMENT. APPENDIX. ON TIMEBeeching, H. C. (Henry Charles), 1859-1919 [Editor]1999-05-01
The New Morning PoemsNoyes, Alfred, 1880-1958en2007-04-11
Old Man Curry Race Track StoriesVan Loan, Charles E. (Charles Emmett), 1876-1919enLevelling with Elisha -- Playing even for Obadiah -- By a hair -- The last chance -- Sanguinary Jeremiah -- Eliphaz, late Fairfax -- The redemption handicap -- A morning workout -- Egyptian corn -- The modern judgment of Solomon.2009-06-10
Joy in the MorningAndrews, Mary Raymond Shipman, 1860-1936enThe Ditch -- Her Country Too -- The Swallow -- Only One of Them -- The V.C. -- He That Loseth His Life Shall Find It -- The Silver Stirrup -- The Russian -- Robina's Doll -- Dundonald's Destroyer2005-05-08
Morning StarHaggard, Henry Rider, 1856-1925en2006-04-04
There's Pippins and Cheese to ComeBrooks, Charles S. (Charles Stephen), 1878-1934enThere's pippins and cheese to come -- On buying old books -- Any stick will do to beat a dog -- Roads of morning -- The man of Grub Street comes from his garret -- Now that spring is here -- The friendly genii -- Mr. Pepys sits in the pit -- To an unknown reader -- A plague of all cowards -- The asperities of the early British reviewers -- The pursuit of fire.2003-11-01
A Christmas Accident and Other StoriesTrumbull, Annie Eliot, 1857-1949enA Christmas accident -- After--the Deluge -- Memoir of Mary Twining -- A postlude -- The "Daily Morning Chronicle" -- Hearts unfortified -- Her neighbor's landmark.United States -- Social life and customs -- 19th century -- Fiction; Christmas stories2009-03-11
Cabbages and KingsHenry, O., 1862-1910enThe Proem — "Fox-in-the-Morning" — The Lotus and the Bottle — Smith — Caught — Cupid's Cupid's Exile Number Two — The Phonograph and the Graft — Money Maze — The Admiral — The Flag — Paramount — The Shamrock and the Palm — The Remnants of the Code — Shoes — Ships — Masters of Arts — Dicky — Rouge et Noir — Two Recalls — The Vitagraphoscope.New York (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs -- Fiction; Short stories2001-08-01
Chimney-Pot PapersBrooks, Charles S. (Charles Stephen), 1878-1934enThe chimney-pots -- The quest of the lost digamma -- On a rainy morning -- "1917" -- On going afoot -- On livelihoods -- The tread of the friendly giants -- On spending a holiday -- Runaway studies -- On turning into forty -- On the difference between wit and humor -- On going to a party -- On a pair of leather suspenders -- Boots for runaways -- On hanging a stocking at Christmas.Endell, Fritz August Gottfried, 1873- [Illustrator]2008-07-04
Drift from Two ShoresHarte, Bret, 1836-1902enThe man on the beach -- Two saints of the foothills -- Jinny -- Roger Catron's friend -- Who was my quiet friend? -- A ghost of the Sierras -- The hoodlum band -- The man whose yoke was not easy -- My friend, the tramp -- The man from Solano -- The office seeker -- A sleeping-car experience -- Five o'clock in the morning -- With the entrées.American fiction -- 19th century; United States -- Social life and customs -- 19th century -- Fiction; Short stories, American2000-05-01
The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 05 Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into EnglishVariousenThe Romantic Philosophers--Fichte, Schelling, and Schleiermacher. By Frank Thilly -- Schleiermacher: On the Social Element in Religion. -- Gottlieb Fichte: The Destiny of Man. -- Addresses to the German Nation. -- von Schelling: On the Relation of the Plastic Arts to Nature. -- Later German Romanticism. By George H. Danton -- von Arnim and Brentano: The Boy's Magic Horn. (selections) -- Grimm: The Frog King, or Iron Henry -- The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids -- Rapunzel -- Haensel and Grethel -- The Fisherman and His Wife -- Arndt: Song of the Fatherland. -- Union Song. -- Körner: Men and Knaves. -- Lützow's Wild Band. -- Prayer During Battle. -- von Schenkendorf: The Mother Tongue. -- Spring Greeting to the Fatherland. -- Freedom. -- Uhland: The Chapel. -- The Shepherd's Song on the Lord's Day. -- The Castle by the Sea. -- Song of the Mountain Boy. -- Departure. -- Farewell. -- The Hostess' Daughter. -- The Good Comrade. -- The White Hart. -- The Lost Church. -- Charlemagne's Voyage. -- Free Art. -- Taillefer. -- Suabian Legend. -- The Blind King. -- The Minstrel's Curse. -- The Luck of Edenhall. -- On the Death of a Child. -- von Eichendorff: The Broken Ring. -- Morning Prayer. -- From the Life of a Good-for-nothing. -- von Chamisso: The Castle of Boncourt. -- The Lion's Bride. -- Woman's Love and Life. -- The Women of Weinsberg. -- The Crucifix. -- The Old Singer. -- The Old Washerwoman. -- The Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl. -- Hoffmann: The Golden Pot. -- Motte-Fouqué: Selections from Undine. -- Hauff: Cavalryman's Morning Song. -- The Sentinel. -- Rückert: Barbarossa. -- From My Childhood Days. -- The Spring of Love. -- He Came to Meet Me. -- The Invitation. -- Murmur Not. -- A Parable. -- Evening Song. -- Chidher. -- At Forty Years. -- Before the Doors. -- von Platen-Hallermund: The Pilgrim Before St. Just's. -- The Grave of Alaric. -- Remorse. -- Would I were Free as are My Dreams. -- Sonnet.2004-07-12
Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for BoysVariousenTiger and Tom -- Those Scars -- Coals of Fire -- Lyman Dean's Testimonials -- Bert's Thanksgiving -- The Boy and His Spare Moments -- Will Winslow -- Only This Once -- The Right Decision -- The Use of Learning -- Jamie and His Teacher -- With a Will, Joe! -- Effects of Disobedience -- Stand By the Ship -- A Faithful Shepherd Boy -- Dick Harris; or the Boy-Man -- The Way of Safety -- Roger's Lesson -- Bert's Monitors -- A Morning Thought -- The Two Clerks -- Ten Minutes' Delay -- The Premium -- Where the Gold Is -- Taking Him in Hand -- Overworked Boys -- The Best Fun -- Somebody's Mother -- Waiting for the Grist -- A Boy's Lesson in Dishonesty -- A Picture of God -- If You Are Only Honest -- Six Things Behind -- The Old Brown Hand.2004-06-01
Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series To which is added The Cream of Wit and Humour from his Popular WritingsHartley, John, 1839-1915enTh' Better Part -- Done Agean -- Latter Wit -- My Gronfayther's Days -- Heart Brocken -- To a Daisy -- A Bad Sooart -- All we Had -- Give it 'em Hot -- Th' Honest Hard Worker -- Niver Heed -- Sing On -- What aw Want -- What it is to be Mother -- What is It -- Come thi Ways! -- Advice to Jenny -- Ther's mich Expected -- A Strange Stooary -- Take Heart -- Did yo Iver -- An Old Man's Christmas Morning -- Billy Bumble's Bargain -- Moral -- Rejected -- Duffin Johnie -- Lost Love -- Th' Traitle Sop -- To Let -- Fault Finders -- Disapointment -- Work Away -- New Machinery &c -- September Month -- A Hawporth -- Buttermilk &c -- It's a comfort -- Progress -- Try Again -- Jealousy -- Winter -- Persevere -- Booith-Taan Election -- Election -- None think Alike -- Seaside2006-02-19
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942enA correspondence and a climax -- An adventure on Island Rock -- At five o'clock in the morning -- Aunt Susanna's birthday celebration -- Bertie's New Year -- Between the hill and the valley -- Clorinda's gifts -- Cyrilla's inspiration -- Dorinda's desperate deed -- Her own people -- Ida's New Year cake -- In the old valley -- Jane Lavinia -- Mackereling out in the gulf -- Millicent's double -- The blue north room -- The Christmas surprise at Enderly Road -- The dissipation of Miss Ponsonby -- The Falsoms' Christmas dinner -- The Fraser Scholarship -- The girl at the gate -- The light on the Big Dipper -- The prodigal brother -- The redemption of John Churchill -- The schoolmaster's letter -- The story of Uncle Dick -- The understanding of Sister Sara -- The unforgotten one -- The wooing of Bessy -- Their girl Josie -- When Jack and Jill took a hand.2008-03-19
Autumn Leaves Original Pieces in Prose and VerseenImages of the original pages are available through the Wright American Fiction Project of the Library Electronic Text Service of Indiana University. Revived -- In the Churchyard at Cambridge. A Legend of Lady Lee -- The Little South-wind -- Lines Written at the Close of Dr. Holme's Lectures on English Poetry -- Aunt Molly. A Reminiscence of Old Cambridge -- The Sounds of Morning in Cambridge -- The Sounds of Evening in Cambridge -- To the Near-sighted -- Flower's from a Student's Walks -- Miseries. No. 1 -- Miseries. No. 2 A Dark Night -- Miseries. No. 3 Twine -- Miseries. No. 4 Fresh Air -- Farewell -- Innocent Surprises -- The Old Sailor -- Laughter -- To Stephen -- The Old Church -- "Something than Beauty Dearer" -- A Tale Found in the Repositories of the Abbots of the Middle Ages -- The Sea -- Fashion -- A Growl -- To Jenny Lind -- My Herbarium -- The Ostrich -- Cows -- The Home-beacon -- The Fourth of July -- From the Papers of Reginald Ratcliffe, Esq.Abbot, Anne Wales, 1808-1908 [Editor]2005-11-30

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