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Essays and TalesAddison, Joseph, 1672-1719enPublic credit -- Household Superstitions -- Opera Lions -- Women and Wives -- The Italian Opera -- Lampoons -- True and False Humour -- Sa Ga Yan Qua Rash Tow's Impressions of London -- The Vision of Marraton -- Six Papers on Wit -- Friendship -- Chevy-Chase (Two Papers) -- A Dream of the Painters -- Spare Time (Two Papers) -- Censure -- The English Language -- The Vision of Mirza -- Genius -- Theodosius and Constantia -- Good Nature -- A Grinning Match -- Trust in God.Morley, Henry, 1822-1894 [Editor]Fiction; Essays; Short stories2001-09-01
A Essay Towards a New Theory of VisionBerkeley, George, 1685-1753en2003-12-01
The Haunters & The Haunted Ghost Stories And Tales Of The SupernaturalVariousenThe fall of the house of Usher -- The old nurse's story -- The superstitious Man's story -- A story of Ravenna -- Teig O'Kane and the corpse -- The haunted and the haunters: or the house and the brain -- The Botathen ghost -- The ghost of Lord Clarenceux -- Dr Duthoit's vision -- The seven lights -- The spectral coach of Blackadon -- Drake's drum -- The spectre bridegroom -- The pool in the graveyard -- The Lianhan Shee -- The haunted cove -- Wandering Willie's tale -- Glamis castle -- Powys castle -- Croglin grange -- The ghost of Major Sydenham -- The miraculous case of Jesch Claes -- The radiant boy of Corby castle -- Clerk Saunders -- Dorothy Durant -- Pearlin Jean -- The Denton Hall ghost -- The Goodwood ghost story -- Captain Wheatcroft -- The iron cage -- The ghost of Rosewarne -- The iron chest of Durley -- The strange case of M. Bezuel -- The Marquis de Rambouillet -- The Altheim revenant -- Sertorius and his hind -- Erochtho -- Patroklos -- Vision of Cromwell -- Lord Strafford's warning -- Kotter's red circle -- The vision of Charles XI. of Sweden -- Ben Jonson's prevision -- Queen Ulrica -- Denis Misanger -- The pied piper -- Jeanne d'Arc -- Anne Walker -- The hand of glory -- The bloody footstep -- The ghostly warriors of Worms -- The wandering Jew in England -- Bendith Eu Mammau -- The red book of Appin -- The good O'Donoghue -- Sarah Polgrain -- Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester.Rhys, Ernest, 1859-1946 [Editor]2006-03-09
The Ghost of Chatham; A Vision Dedicated to the House of PeersAnonymousenPoetry; Pamphlets; Political satire, English; Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1800-1837; Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-17782008-03-13
The Vision SplendidRaine, William MacLeod, 1871-1954enFiction; Western stories1999-08-01
The Complex VisionPowys, John Cowper, 1872-1963enLife; Philosophy2007-06-03
The Vision of Elijah BerlNason, Frank Lewis, 1856-1928en2010-04-23
Miscellaneous EssaysDe Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859enOn the knocking at the gate, in Macbeth -- Murder, considered as one of the fine arts -- Second paper on murder -- Joan of Arc -- The English mail-coach -- The vision of sudden death -- Dinner, real and reputed.2004-01-01
The Vision of Sir Launfal And Other Poems by James Russell Lowell; Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Julian W. Abernethy, PH.D.Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891en2006-03-08
The Vision of Sir Launfal And Other Poems by James Russell Lowell; With a Biographical Sketch and Notes, a Portrait and Other IllustrationsLowell, James Russell, 1819-1891en2005-11-20
Five Lectures on BlindnessFoley, Kate M.enForeword -- The psychology of blindness -- The blind child and its development -- The re-education of the blind adult -- The attitude of the public toward the blind -- Prevention of blindness and conservation of vision in adults and children.2007-07-30
Under the RedwoodsHarte, Bret, 1836-1902enJimmy's big brother from California -- The youngest Miss Piper -- A widow of the Santa Ana Valley -- The mermaid of Lighthouse Point -- Under the eaves -- How Reuben Allen "saw life" in San Francisco -- Three vagabonds of Trinidad -- A vision of the fountain -- A romance of the line -- Bohemian days in San FranciscoAmerican fiction -- 19th century; Short stories2006-05-18
O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921enThe heart of little Shikara. By Marshall -- The man who cursed the lilies. By Jackson -- The urge. By Allen -- Mummery. By Beer -- The victim of his vision. By Chittenden -- Martin Gerrity gets even. By Cooper and Creagan -- Stranger things. By Cram -- Comet. By Derieux -- Fifty-two weeks for Florette. By Heermann -- Wild earth. By Kerr -- The tribute. By Kniffin -- The get-away. By Lewis -- "Aurore." By Mumford -- Mr. Downey sits down. By Robbins -- The marriage in Kairwan. By Steele -- Grit. By Tupper.2004-03-01
The Hungry Stones and Other StoriesTagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941enThe hungry stones -- The victory -- Once there was a king -- The home-coming -- My lord, the baby -- The kingdom of cards -- The devotee -- Vision -- The babus of Nayanjore -- Living or dead? -- "We crown the king." -- The renunciation -- The Cabuliwallah [The Fruitseller from Cabul]India -- Social life and customs -- Fiction; Short stories, Bengali -- Translations into English; Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941 -- Translations into English2001-02-01
Rídan The Devil And Other Stories 1899Becke, Louis, 1855-1913enRídan the devil -- A memory of "the system" -- A North Pacific lagoon island -- Bilger, of Sydney -- The vision of Milli the slave -- Denison gets a berth ashore -- Addie Ransom -- In a native village -- Maurice Kinane -- The "killers" of Twofold Bay -- Denison's second berth ashore -- A fish drive on a Micronesian atoll -- Bobaran -- Sea fishing in Australia -- An adventure in the New Hebrides -- The south sea bubble of Charles du Breil -- The white wife and the brown "woman" -- With hook and line on an Austral river -- The wreck of the "Leonora" -- An old colonial mutiny -- A boating adventure in the Carolines -- A Christmas Eve in the Far South Seas.Adventure stories, Australian; Pacific Area -- Social life and customs -- Fiction; Sea stories; Short stories2008-03-15
The Best of the World's Classics, Vol. V (of X) - Great Britain and Ireland IIIenExcerpts from Boswell's "Life of Johnson" A Poet Defined, from the Preface to "Lyrical Ballads" by Wordsworth The Arrival of the Master of Ravenswood, from "The Bride of Lammermoor" by Scott The Death of Meg Merriles, from "Guy Mannering" by Scott A Vision of Rob Roy, from "Rob Roy" by Scott Queen Elizabeth and Amy Robsart at Kenilworth, from "Kenilworth" by Scott The Illness and Death of Lady Scott, from Scott's "Journal" Does Fortune Favor Fools?, from "A Sailor's Fortune" by Coleridge The Destiny of the United States, from the "Table Talk" by Coleridge Nelson's Death at Trafalgar, from the "Life of Nelson" by Southey The Death of Hofer, by Landor Napoleon and Pericles, by Landor Dream Children—A Reverie; Poor Relations; The Origin of Roast Pig; That We Should Rise with the Lark, from the "Essays of Elia" by Lamb Hamlet, from the "Characters of Shakespeare's Plays" by Hazlitt Dreams of an Opium-Eater, from the "Confessions of an English Opium-Eater" by de Quincey Joan of Arc, from the "Biographical and Historical Essays" by de Quincey Charles Lamb, from the "Literary Reminiscences" by de Quincey Of His Mother's Treatment of Him, letter by Lord Byron To His Wife after the Separation, letter by Lord Byron To Sir Walter Scott, letter by Lord Byron Of Art and Nature as Poetical Subjects, from the "Reply to Bowles" by Lord Byron In Defense of Poetry, by Shelley The Baths of Caracalla, from letter by Shelley The ruins of Pompeii, from letter by Shelley The Mutilation of the Hermæ; If Alexander Had Lived, from the "History of Greece" by Grote Charlotte Corday, from the "History of the French Revolution" by Carlyle The Blessedness of Work, from "Past and Present" by Carlyle Cromwell, from "Heroes and Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History" by Carlyle In Praise of Those Who Toil, from "Sart2007-07-30

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