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The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VI. (of X.)VariousenAbou Ben Butler, by Paul -- The Advertiser, by Field -- After the Funeral, by Bailey -- The Apostasy of William Dodge, by Waterloo -- The Ballad of Grizzly Gulch, by Irwin -- Banty Tim, by Hay -- The Bear Story, by Riley -- The Book-Canvasser, by Anonymous -- A Bully Boat and a Brag Captain, by Smith -- The Bumblebeaver, by Cox -- Casey at the Bat, by Thayer -- Chad's Story of the Goose, by Smith -- Colonel Carter's Story of the Postmaster, by Smith -- Comic Miseries, by Saxe -- The Coquette, by Saxe -- De Gradual Commence, by Amsbary -- Evening, by Holmes -- The Fairport Art Museum, by Thanet -- The Famous Mulligan Ball, by Stanton -- The Genial Idiot Discusses the Music Cure, by Bangs -- Grains of Truth, by Nye -- Her Valentine, by Hovey -- It Pays to be Happy, by Masson -- James and Reginald, by Field -- Jones, by Osbourne -- Latter-Day Warnings, by Holmes -- Lost Chords, by Field -- Love Sonnets of an Office Boy, by Kiser -- The Martyrdom of Mr. Stevens, by Quick -- The Merchant and the Book-Agent, by Anonymous -- The Modern Farmer, by Appleton -- The Mosquito, by Bryant -- Mr. Dooley on the Game of Football, by Dunne -- My First Cigar, by Burdette -- My Philosofy, by Riley -- The Octopussycat, by Cox -- The Old Settler, by Mott -- The Owl-Critic, by Fields -- The Paintermine, by Cox -- Shonny Schwartz, by Adams -- The Society Upon the Stanislaus, by Harte -- So Wags the World, by Warner -- A Spring Feeling, by Carman -- The Talking Horse, by McIntyre -- The Thompson Street Poker Club, by Carleton -- Thoughts fer the Discuraged Farmer, by Riley -- "Tiddle-iddle-iddle-iddle-bum! bum!", by Nesbit -- Unconscious Humor, by Wetherell -- Up and Down Old Brandywine, by Riley -- Verre Definite, by Amsbary -- Wasted Opportunities, by Greene -- The Weddin', by Hartswick -- The Welsh Rabbittern, by Cox -- When the Allegash Drive Goes Through, by Day -- The Wild Boarder, by Cox.Wilder, Marshall Pinckney, 1859-1915 [Editor]American wit and humor; American literature -- Humor2006-09-18
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume X (of X)VariousenAraminta and the Automobile, by Loomis -- At Aunty's House, by Riley -- The Backsliding Brother, by Stanton -- Biggs' Bar, by Sutherland -- A Bookworm's Plaint, by Scollard -- Breitmann in Politics, by Leland -- A Concord Love Song, by Roche -- Contentment, by Holmes -- The Demon of the Study, by Whittier -- Der Oak Und Der Vine, by Adams -- A Double-Dyed Deceiver, by O. Henry -- Dum Vivimus Vigilamus, by Paul -- The Evidence in the Case of Smith vs. Jones, by Clemens -- Fall Styles in Faces, by Irwin -- "Festina Lente", by Burdette -- The Genial Idiot Discusses Leap Year, by Bangs -- The Great Prize Fight, by Clemens -- Had a Set of Double Teeth, by Day -- The Height of the Ridiculous, by Holmes -- Her Brother: Enfant Terrible, by Sabin -- Hezekiah Bedott's Opinion, by Whicher -- His Grandmother's Way, by Stanton -- The Invisible Prince, by Harland -- The Jackpot, by Ironquill -- Jacob, by Cary -- Johnny's Pa, by Nesbit -- A Lay of Ancient Rome, by Ybarra -- Little Bopeep and Little Boy Blue, by Peck -- Love Song, by Leland -- Maxims, by Franklin -- The Meeting, by Riser -- Mister Rabbit's Love Affair, by Stanton -- A Mother of Four, by Tompkins -- A Mothers' Meeting, by Bridges -- Nevada Sketches, by Clemens -- A New Year Idyl, by Field -- An Old-Time Singer, by Stanton -- Oncl' Antoine on 'Change, by Amsbary -- Our Hired Girl, by Riley -- Plain Language from Truthful James, by Harte -- A Poe-'em of Passion, by Lummis -- Possession, by Lampton -- The Real Diary of a Real Boy, by Shute -- The Reason, by Ironquill -- Rubaiyat of Mathieu Lattellier, by Amsbary -- Settin' by the Fire, by Stanton -- A Shining Mark, by Ironquill -- "There's a Bower of Bean-Vines", by Cary -- To Bary Jade, by Adams -- Tom's Money, by Spofford -- The Trial that Job Missed, by Harris -- Trouble-Proof, by Sabin -- Uncle Bentley and the Roosters, by Carruth -- Unsatisfied Yearning, by Munkittrick -- What Lack We Yet, by Burdette -- When Lovely Woman, by Cary -- The Whisperer, by Ironquill -- Why Wait for Death and TimeWilder, Marshall Pinckney, 1859-1915 [Editor]American wit and humor; American literature -- Humor2008-01-26
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume IX (of X)VariousenA Ballade of Ping-Pong, by Noble -- The Boat that Ain't, by Irwin -- Budge and Toddie, by Habberton -- A Cavalier's Valentine, by Scollard -- Conscientious Curate and the Beauteous Ballet Girl, by Rose -- The Country School, by Anonymous -- Evan Anderson's Poker Party, by Stevenson -- The Experiences of Gentle Jane, by Wells -- A Few Reflections, by Arp -- A Great Celebrator, by Nye -- The Gusher, by Loomis -- He Wanted to Know, by Foss -- The Hoss, by Riley -- How I Spoke the Word, by Stanton -- How Jimaboy Found Himself, by Lynde -- How the Money Goes, by Saxe -- "Hullo!", by Foss -- The Lugubrious Whing-Whang, by Riley -- The Millionaires, by Adeler -- The Mystery of Gilgal, by Hay -- Natural Philosophy, by Drummond -- The Nine Little Goblins, by Riley -- The Old-Fashioned Choir, by Taylor -- Our Polite Parents, by Wells -- Our Very Wishes, by Spofford -- A Reflective Retrospect, by Saxe -- A Rule of Three, byRice -- The Runaway Toys, by Stanton -- Soldier, Rest!, by Burdette -- The Tale of the Tangled Telegram, by Nesbit -- A Threnody, by Lanigan -- Tim Flannigan's Mistake, by Amsbary -- The University Intelligence Office, by Bangs -- The Warrior, by Field -- When Doctors Disagree, by Kiser -- When the Little Boy Ran Away, by Stanton -- The Widow Bedott's Visitor, by Whicher.Wilder, Marshall Pinckney, 1859-1915 [Editor]American wit and humor; American literature -- Humor2008-01-26
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume I. (of X.)VariousenAnatole Dubois at de Horse Show, by Amsbary -- The Billville Spirit Meeting, by Stanton -- The British Matron, by Hawthorne -- The Champion Checker-Player of Ameriky, by Riley -- Colonel Sterett's Panther Hunt, by Lewis -- A Cry from the Consumer, by Nesbit -- The Curse of the Competent, by Finn -- Darby and Joan, by Honeywood -- The Day We Do Not Celebrate, by Burdette -- The Deacon's Masterpiece; or, The Wonderful "One-Hoss Shay", by Holmes -- The Deacon's Trout, by Beecher -- A Disappointment, by O'Reilly -- Distichs, by Hay -- Down Around the River, by Riley -- Enough, by Masson -- The Experiences of the A.C., by Taylor -- The Feast of the Monkeys, by Sousa -- The Fighting Race, by Clarke -- The Grammatical Boy, by Nye -- Grizzly-Gru, by Ironquill -- John Henry in a Street Car, by McHugh -- Laffing, by Billings -- A Letter from Mr. Biggs, by Howe -- A Medieval Discoverer, by Nye -- Melons, by Harte -- The Menagerie, by Moody -- Mrs. Johnson, by Howells -- The Muskeeter, by Billings -- My Grandmother's Turkey-Tail Fan, by Peck -- Myopia, by Rice -- An Odyssey of K's, by Nesbit -- The Old Maid's House: In Plan, by Phelps -- The Organ, by Beecher -- Partingtonian Patchwork, by Shillaber -- Pass, by Ironquill -- The Pettibone Lineage, by Fields -- A Psalm of Life, by Cary -- The Purple Cow, by Burgess -- The Quarrel, by Kiser -- Similar Cases, by Gilman -- Simple English, by Rose -- Spelling Down the Master, by Eggleston -- Stage Whispers, by Wells -- Teaching by Example, by Saxe -- The Tragedy of It, by Noble -- The Turnings of a Bookworm, by Wells -- Wanted--A Cook, by Dale -- What Mr. Robinson Thinks, by Lowell -- When Albani Sang, by Drummond -- When the Frost is on the Punkin, by Riley -- Why Moles Have Hands, by Culbertsonn -- Wouter Van Twiller, by Irving -- The Yankee Dude'll Do, by Kiser.Wilder, Marshall Pinckney, 1859-1915 [Editor]American wit and humor; American literature -- Humor2006-05-28

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